“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen”

Rm 11:36

Jaraguá do Sul – SC / Brazil

The time we spent in Brazil was wonderful. In 7 and a half months, we preached in more than 30 churches, driven more than 9300 miles. In these months, in addition to ministering and mobilizing more people to pray, support and also be missionaries, we are also able to rest and visit relatives and friends.

We are grateful to God for the unconditional support of the family in that time, for the health professionals who took care of us here in Brazil, and for the churches that received us with so much love and care. We want to give back to the Lord all honor and glory!

Now is the time to go home. July 16 starts our journey to Africa, returning to Kenya, the country we have lived since 2014.

Gustavo’s Health

Since when the thrombosis occurred in Gustavo, as described in the previous letter, many of you have been in prayer together with us for deliverance and healing from the Lord. Thank you for each one who has been in prayer with us.

After being discharged from the hospital, Gustavo was being treated by a doctor, who asked him to be anticoagulated, in order to try to thin the blood, to disobey the thromboses. After a CT scan done at the end of June, the exam showed improvement, but everything is not yet disassembled. But what the doctor said is that, even if everything is not yet clear, everything is functional, Glory to God. In fact, his body has more veins created by the organism, to supply the need of the body. God is tremendous !!!!

In that way, he no longer needs to be using anticoagulation medicine. Thank you for your prayers.


Here are some pictures we’ve been preaching and witnessing about missions in Africa.

Mwangani Project – Kibera and Kijabe

Even though we are in Brazil, Mama Regina still continues to preach the Lord’s word in the Mwangani Kibera project and sometimes in Kijabe. This makes us very happy, knowing that the work continues and the work is being done with much love and fidelity, that what we have sown has borne fruit.

Bible Club – Mama Regina

We have a great partnership with the Daily Bread Kenya. The Coordinator led a Christian writer who donated some books in the two schools that the Mwangani project serves, as well as the ministry we built at Mama Regina’s house, which she ministers on Saturdays.

Audio Bible

The audio Bibles that Gustavo sets up continue to be widely used in several countries in Africa. This photo is from a device being delivered by a missionary to the Bara people in Madagascar.

Continue to pray for this project as it is each time more difficult to bring them to Africa, as well as the price, which is increasingly expensive.

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As a family, we thank all the faithful supporters who support us financially and in prayer.
We wish to all of you that the Father will reward you with much grace and love.

HELLWIG FAMILY, Your missionaries in África

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