“We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters.”

“1 John 3:16”

Kijabe / Kenya

The time has come for us to send another prayer letter and it seems like yesterday we were writing to you, dear friends and ministry partners.

We were at Easter time, wonderful time where we taught the children who we ministered here in Kenya what is the true meaning of Easter, remembering the beautiful and exciting journey of Jesus to fulfill his purpose of dying on the cross in love for us.

Even though we have been Christians for so long, and taught so many times about Easter, we still get touched by God’s love for us to send his son Jesus to die for our sins.

Our desire is that your heart will burn with desire to know Jesus even more, because through that, you will love your others even more and be a real path for more people to know the message left on the cross.,

Easter Baskets

We were very happy when one of our supporters made a donation to purchase Easter baskets for needy families in Kibera, Nairobi. It is very beautiful to see that we here in Africa pray for this to happen, and the Lord touches hearts there in Brazil.

RVA – Rift Valley Academy

RVA – Chapel

Once again Gustavo had the opportunity to be preaching to the whole school on a Friday. This time he preached about the importance of having a real intimacy with Christ, through the reading of the word, prayer and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He spoke of Revelation 3 where there is no lukewarm Christian, and it is not because they are missionaries kids that they are Christians automatically. They need to make the decision for themselves to be a true follower of Jesus.

RVA – I.T.

We arrived here a short time ago, but even so Gustavo is already using the knowledge that the Lord gave him to implement new solutions. Gustavo gave a presentation to the RVA staff, showing what will be the new migration that he will do soon.

RVA – Caring Community

Our group is always having a super blessed moment together. Each time we pass, we know more about them, their lives and so we can minister their lives. Sometimes, making the Brazilian black beans for the Brazilian students that are here.


Peter has shown great talent in presentations and has every day had the desire to experience more of the Lord. He started guitar lessons and is very happy because he loves to worship Him.

Raica has grown a lot and is reading well, she remains nice and kind. Her best friend went to US for a few months and this has made her very sad, since we moved to Kijabe, as is the second friend who left, and even though they’ll be back in a few months, it’s still been difficult for Raica to manage so many “losses” throughout our missionary life. It has been a time to minister to her life and to allow her to understand decisions and losses we have to follow the missionary call. We thank your prayers for her life.

Fran’s Ministry

We thank you who have been praying for Fran’s Health. Despite the great improvement, this year still had many episodes of problems in the stomach and infections. To make things even more difficult, as we no longer live in the capital Nairobi, she was also diagnosed beyond the lactose intolerance now with gluten intolerance. We know that in all the Lord has been our strength, but we ask for your prayer so that she can have a new diet and with that her health can improve.

RVA – Science teacher

Fran continues to be a science teacher in Raica’s class and an assistant teacher in Pre-3rd grade classes. She is enjoying herself very much and identifying herself a lot with the little ones, because she loves them too much. In the photo beside it was the pijamas day.

RVA – Sunday School

Mwangani Project – Kijabe

It is with great joy that we want to announce that we have started the extension of the Mwangani Project here in Kijabe, in a school that has around 500 children. It was a very prayerful process, and we praised God that the opened door. We are already from the beginning of the month of March going once a week to share the word of God to the children. We started with an Easter series and it has been lovely to see the joy of children, and the desire to learn more about Jesus, to praise and memorize Bible verses.

We ask that you pray that the lives of these children will be impacted and transformed by the gospel, as well as their families.

Projeto Mwangani – Nairobi

The Mwangani Project Nairobi, coordinated by Mama Regina, is still in full speed, thanks God. There are 700 children being blessed by the word of God and with porridge for breakfast.

Gustavo’s Ministry

Audio Bible

Each month dozens of Bibles are set up in different Africa dialects. There have already been more than 670 Audio Bibles distributed. Praise to God.

Jesus Film Solar Kit

Another kit being delivered. There have already been dozens delivered to different missionaries in several different countries in Africa. The Jesus Film Solar Kit is a great tool for evangelism. It is a visual way of seeing the miracles that Jesus did and what he faced on the cross for you and for all.

We had a tremendous testimony coming from Madagascar that a witchcraft was reached to Christ. After his conversion, which was a reference in the surrounding villages, several were also reached for the Lord Jesus. In 2018, only in Madagascar more than 4,500 who have already seen the movie Jesus, and through this ministry, people were reached for Jesus and churches were started.

Missionary Conferences

In February Gustavo was teaching some workshops at the ICCM (International Conference on Technologies and Mission), which were several people from various mission agencies, sharing strategies in technologies that are being used by mission agencies. They were lectures on leadership, use of encrypted email by missionaries in closed countries, and about the hidden Bible that we are sharing with missionaries living in closed countries.

This month Gustavo was with 725 other missionaries from more than 63 countries and 190 different organizations talking about media and technology for missions. It was wonderful to see the success of the hidden bible and that it will bless hundreds of missionaries who work with Muslims. Imagine that out of 52 different presentations, one person came and said, “Of all the presentations, your idea of hiding the Arabic Bible inside a game was the best of them all.” Glory to God, for the idea came from Him.

Prayer Requests


Physical, emotional and spiritual health

Continue to pray for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Fran' Health

Pray that the Lord will fully restore her stomach systems. Fran has had many improvements, but still has food restrictions.


May the new supporters and intercessors who have joined us by the end of 2016 be faithful in prayer and in their financial offerings to our ministry.

Gustavo’s Ministry


Pray for discernment and wisdom for Gustavo in the administration of the projects he has developed and led

JesusFilm Kits

We still have JesusFilm kits in the US. Pray that they will arrive in Kenya with no problem, so that we can give to the missionaries who need this tool to evangelize.

Bible for All

The development of the new version of Bibles for all is in progress, but it has some development difficulties, given the Arabic characters. Pray that this may be another way for us to take the word of God to the people.

Audio Bible

Pray that the tests will be guided by the Lord and that we can choose the best option,

Fran’s Ministry

Primary School Classes

Pray that Fran will continue to serve in Primary School with much love and make a difference in the lives of these missionary children.

Mwangani Project - Kijabe

We praise God for the beginning of the project. Pray that on Wednesdays there will always be a sunny day here, because we do not have  space to minister to all the children to protect from the rain. Pray that the word will impact children’s lives.

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As a family, we thank all the faithful supporters who support us financially and in prayer.
We wish to all of you that the Father will reward you with much grace and love.

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