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“What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open”Revelations 3:7


A new year begins, and our hope is always to be even better than the year that passed, and is our desire to do even better, to win what was not achieved and realize dreams that were dreamed.

And it’s a joy that in the Lord, everything is renewed and we have a chance to accomplish new things and fulfill the dreams of God, for when we give ourselves completely to Him, we are sure that it is he who opens doors and closes doors in our lives, and plans are even bigger and better than ours.

Fran’s Ministry

Fran in the last year was serving under other missionaries project. This year, God guided her in a different way and started an independent project, and she is now serving in a different schools that she were before, even with opportunities to serve in other slums of Nairobi. Thus, the project now has a name, we call Mwangani Project (which in Swahili means “the Light Project).

Mwangani project – Christian Education in schools in the slums

The project came from the huge love for children and desire to teach them the love of Jesus. It was developed to assist schools in the slums of Nairobi / Kenya, aiming to teach African children to have a life with God, singing, praying, learning from the Bible and getting the Uji (African porridge), so as to be fed spiritually and also physically.

Our mission is to change the future of these African children through the word of God, creating hope that there is a God who loves, cares and cares about them, and thus, their families and communities will also be transformed.

The project has the help of local volunteers and also reaches teachers, which act as partners, continuing what has been taught

The needs for schools in the slums is huge and according to the project development, we have the desire to contribute even more in the lives of these African children.

Kibera School

The Mwangani project began and the Lord has opened the door to a new school, also in Kibera, where work is already in full speed. This school has about 120 children.




Fran and Mama Regina going to school

Entrance to the School

Fran reviewing verse from the previous week.

Fran giving the porridge.

Joyful children taking porridge.

Fran memorizing the verse of the day.


School external view with children playing around.

Children love worship !!!!

South B School

We are praying and planning to define the next steps so that we can start work in the new school. It has about 300 children in a much more distant neighborhood of our house. Be praying for the Lord to do His will and all pending issues that still exist to start can be resolved. Pray also that we can raise funds in order to give the porridge for all these children.
It is located in another slum in Nairobi, which is behind a m0$que, as you can see in the picture below.


Returning from the visit to the school.





Mama Regina remains firm with me in this project and I praise God for her life that has been given in love to his people. Include her and her family in your prayers.


On January 5ᵀᴴ, the children were back to school. We thank Jesus for the beloved children that they are, always giving us joy and reasons to praise the Lord for their lives.

Raica has been more sensitive in this time and Peter was ill in December, with throat infection, bronchitis and ear infection, and in this January again had the same illness. We are in treatment with him and ask your prayers for complete healing, because doctors here said he must have developed allergies here in Nairobi and probably is with asthma.


Both are anxious to return to Brazil this year and also always go through a lot of transition in a short time, friends coming and going, constant arrivals and farewells.

In love, please take some time and put their name in their prayers.

Gustavo’s Ministry

Office 365

The work continues. We are now exploring all the other resources available on the platform we have for free for being a non-profit organization.

Other Technologies ministries

Gustavo is working on several other technologies to serve the missionaries in their ministries. Keep praying for the new projects that are still in planning and development. In that ones, Gustavo will have to make some trips by the mission agency.


For Christmas, some Gustavo’s friends felt in their heart about making donations of food to poor families in Kibera. Using the opportunity, Gustavo gave The word, witnessing how everything had started, so that the name of God was glorified at that time.

In the day before we knew of their intention to donate the food, we were praying that we should have an extra money to buy a Christmas food basket for Mama Regina. The Lord was so good that He not only blessed Mama Regina with a Christmas food basket, but also 19 other families that she knew. The blessing of the Lord are so good that they overflow in those who are around us.



We are expecting to receive new kits so we can send to other missionaries who are hoping to be able to use it in preaching and evangelism.


Prayer Requests


  •  Continue to pray for our health, physical, emotional and spiritual.


  •  We would like to continue asking for prayer for the studies of Peter and Raica. 
  •  Pray for the Peter, that are learning read and write Portuguese.

Work Funds

  •  Pray for raising funds for the project in schools.
  •  Pray for raising funds for the project of water filters and solar kits.

Fran’s Ministries

  •  Pray for new partners
  •  Pray for new team members

Gustavo’s Ministries

  •  Pray for the new supporter for the water filters.
  •  Pray for the many IT project that Gustavo is working.
  •  Continue praying for the delivery of Bibles in the cell.
  •  The multimedia kits to show the Jesus film are in the US. Pray that we can bring them in a quickly, to allow us to deliver into the hands of the missionaries as quickly as possible.


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As a family, we thank all the faithful supporters who support us financially and in prayer. We wish to all of you that the Father reward you with much grace and love.

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