Nairobi / Kenya, November-December 2015

“I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” | Philippians 1:3-5


Another year is ending and we just want to give thanks to the Lord for all He has done for us and through us. We have been in Kenya for more than one year and a half and we can say that so far the Lord has been glorified through our lives. Thank you for being with us this year, supporting us in the Lord’s work.

We wish you all a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year, and our prayer is that we can continue working together to make Christ known among all African peoples groups and all nations.


The schools ministry during this year was a blessing. The focus has always been to share the Word of God and teach his way, and by that, we have seen the Lord transforming lives and answering prayers. The porridge has always a important peace in this ministry and we praise God for always supplied at all the times that we were in school.

We finished the work in the end of November with a beautiful party. We gave to the children Mandazi, juice, candies and lollipops, all payed by donations. The schools are on holidays until January, so pray with us about the ministry in the next year.

Helen and Jenna School


Smiling after the Mandazis and juice.

Ministering the Word of God.

Giving candy and lollipop in the last day.

All the school  in the last day.

Chema School


Worship moment

Giving juice

Juice to the little ones.

Guests in the school

All the school in the last day.

Many music and moments

See how is the path to get to one of the ministry’s schools.


Sports Ministry

Soccer is always a very blessed time because we can see the joy in the children and having fun playing and  receiving the Word of God always at the end of each activity. In Nairobi we are having a lot of rain, so we can not get together, because our “field” has no grass, just sand and mud.


Pray for new strategies and directions for this ministry next year.

Office 365

The work continues. Now focused on security for missionaries, we are migrating to the new environment, that will bring security for missionaries and will save their money.

The Word for All

Last month, I delivered more phones to unreached peoples of different countries. I think this is a great tool that will be used increasingly in the future.

North Africa Visit

I was invited to visit a country in North Africa, where the context is practically 0% of churches and 100% of the Mu$l!m population.

Has m0$que$ being built everywhere, but no church.

Now I can better understand the 1$lam1c context, and so, help to develop strategies to reach to Jesus these people groups using technologies.

Water Filters

Last month, we blessed a young man and a orphanage. Our prayer is that through these gifts, they will be able to see the love of Jesus taking care of their health.

That was the last delivery of the filters that we had. Pray with us that this project will continue next year and so we can get new supporters for this purpose.

See the color of the water in the bucket, that they drank before the filter..

Multimedia SolarKits 

We are expecting to receive new kits, for send to other missionaries who are waiting, to allow them to use this resource in preaching and evangelism.

RVA – New challenge

We are happy to share that Gustavo is now the new member of the RVA board (Rift Valley Academy), that a many years are the second best high school in Africa.

The RVA is a boarding school, where the missionaries children study there when their parents live in places where there is no proper education. They attend more than 500 missionary kids.

All the teachers are missionaries and are there to serve the missionary kids.

Above are a video that shows the school.

Home Assignment

We have already scheduled our trip to Brazil, arriving on 20ᵀᴴ, staying until the end of October / 2016. Pray that it can be a wonderful time with our friends, family and churches. May the Lord open doors for us to visit churches to share our Africa ministry.

Please contact us to schedule a visit.

Prayer Requests


  •  Continue to pray for our health, physical, emotional and spiritual.


  •  We would like to continue asking for prayer for the studies of Peter and Raica. 
  •  Pray for the Peter, that are learning read and write Portuguese.

Work Funds

  •  Pray for raising funds for the project in schools.
  •  Pray for raising funds for the project of water filters and solar kits.

Fran’s Ministries

  • Pray that new doors may be opened next year.
  •  Pray for new partners
  •  Pray for new team members
  • Pray for new ministries and evangelism strategies in Kibera.

Gustavo’s Ministries

  •  Pray for the new supporter for the water filters.
  •  Pray for the many IT project that Gustavo is working.
  •  Continue praying for the delivery of Bibles in the cell.
  •  The multimedia kits to show the Jesus film are in the US. Pray that we can bring them in a quickly, to allow us to deliver into the hands of the missionaries as quickly as possible.


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As a family, we thank all the faithful supporters who support us financially and in prayer. We wish to all of you that the Father reward you with much grace and love.

Hellwig Family, your missionaries in Africa

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